About Us

In 2012, IMAM NETWORK LTD was granted an ICX License by BTRC, which authorizes the company to offer interconnection exchange services for telecommunication services originating from and terminating to Bangladesh. With this license, IMAM NETWORK LTD provides routing and switching facilities for inter-operator domestic voice calls, as well as international incoming, outgoing, and roaming calls between Access Network Service(ANS) Operators and International Voice Gateways (IOS, IGW).

IMAM NETWORK LTD has established its infrastructure in three major cities in Bangladesh – Dhaka, Bogra, and Sylhet – and has connected with all mobile phone operators, major IPTSP, PSTN operators, and IGWs in the country. This extensive network allows IMAM NETWORK LTD to provide seamless and reliable connectivity solutions to businesses and individuals alike.

As a provider of ICX services, IMAM NETWORK LTD is committed to delivering innovative solutions that help its customers optimize their network performance and enhance their communication capabilities. By leveraging its extensive network infrastructure and expertise in interconnection services, IMAM NETWORK LTD has become a trusted partner for businesses looking to streamline their operations and expand their reach.